New Equipment To Measure Lung Function

Donna Eichler and Nicole Angelino
Thursday, 2 July 2015
A piece of equipment donated to Portland District Health will lead to improved monitoring of people with lung health problems.

The new mobile spirometer equipment may be small but it packs an important function for people with asthma, chronic bronchitis, emphysema and other chronic illnesses.

The equipment is one of the simplest but most effective measures of lung capacity and function.

It costs nearly $5000 and was funded by United Way Glenelg.

By funding the purchase of the mobile spirometry equipment we will see more in-depth information passed on to patients with chronic illness in order for them to better manage their wellbeing,United Way Glenelg Executive Officer Nicole Angelino said.

It will be used in PDH's health independence programs for diagnostic studies to assess airway obstruction and restriction and measure lung function.

The new mobile device will be especially helpful for assisting clients in their own homes.

More than 250 people are expected to use the mobile spirometer each year.

PDH nurse unit manager of health independence programs, Donna Eichler, said the device could be used across all chronic illness programs.

We will be able to take the equipment to clients in their homes and provide service wherever it is needed, Ms Eichler said.

Spirometry testing aids diagnosis, measures response to therapy, assesses disease progression and suitability for surgery, measures capacity for physical work and rehabilitation, and aids establishment of safe conditions in industry, she said.

It can be used for asthma diagnosis and management and for ongoing management of people with chronic lung diseases.

Mrs Eichler said the EasyOne model was a high quality piece of equipment that would help people to better self-manage their chronic conditions.

Mrs Eichler said PDH staff were trained to use spirometry across health independence programs.

It will be used by clients in PDH's Hospital Admission Risk Program, pulmonary rehabilitation programs, on the acute ward, in exercise programs and in the community.

We can measure our pulmonary rehabilitation clients allowing our exercise physiologist to plan exercises for the most benefit, she said.

It can also be used to assist our medical and nursing teams to gain a more accurate picture of lung conditions.

This is a particularly useful piece of equipment and we are very grateful to United Way Glenelg for their support,Mrs Eichler said.

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