New Chairs Make Life More Comfortable For Harbourside Lodge Residents

Photo: Ms Langford and Ms Angelino help residents Vida Trump, Don Keiller in their air chairs.
Thursday, 17 November 2016
Three new air-chairs at Harbourside Lodge are making life more comfortable and flexible for residents thanks to support from United Way Glenelg.

The new chairs were purchased through the Lewis Court Fund, which is administered by United Way Glenelg.

Nurse Unit Manager of Harbourside Lodge, Caroline Langford, said residents and their families were appreciating the chairs.

“It gives them easier access to outside and into the community and they're much more comfortable,” Ms Langford said. “They’re the first of their type that we’ve had at Harbourside Lodge and they're very user friendly.”

The chairs feature extensions to fit all sizes. They can also be pumped higher and can recline into a bed for residents or can be set upright for eating at the table.

They are particularly helpful for residents unable to sit in a conventional chair,

Ms Langford said they featured hydraulics so they are easy to move with no strain on visiting family members, staff and volunteers.

“The residents and families are very happy with them; they are being used every day,” Ms Langford said.

United Way Glenelg Executive Officer Nicole Angelino said the Lewis Court Fund is providing a unique opportunity to address the challenges facing an aging population in the Glenelg Shire both proactively and innovatively.

“Older people offer rich life experience, well-honed skills, knowledge and wisdom; qualities that significantly contribute to our community,” Ms Angelino said.

“The chairs are proving an opportunity for older people to participate in the community and brings some joy to their day.”

The legacy of Lewis Court Home for the Aged continues with United Way Glenelg selected as custodians of the division of funds from the sale of the Lewis Court facility in 2013.

The Lewis Court funds support senior citizens in the Glenelg region to enhance care to the aged.

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