New Board Members to PDH

Dr Michelle Kearney
Mr Shaun Smith
Tuesday, 20 August 2013
Two new members of the Portland District Health board are bringing a fresh perspective from two different outlooks.

Bayview College Principal Michelle Kearney is relatively new to the area while Shaun Smith has run businesses in town for the past 25 years.

Both Ms Kearney and Mr Smith are keen to improve engagement with the local community and promote greater use of the hospital by Portland district residents.

Dr Kearney moved from Melbourne Girls Grammar School last year to take up her first role as principal in Portland.

“I love my school role but also wanted to become involved in the community,” she said.

Dr Kearney has been in ex-officio and leadership roles on education boards but sees the PDH position as a new and exciting challenge.

“There are some strong synergies between the compliance requirements in the education and health systems,” she said.

“It will be a challenge to walk in the shoes of a governance role. I will need to think more globally but I hope to use the skills I have in strategic thinking, leading people and in human resources to make a positive contribution,” she said.

Dr Kearney said that like all organisations, keeping stakeholders engaged was a key challenge for PDH.

“Any organisation must strive for sound communication with their community, strategic decision making, good fiscal management and to provide a good standard of care and customer service,” she said.

Mr Smith has run the Barkly Street Store for 25 years and a jewellery store for the past seven years and hopes his local connections and “common sense” approach will benefit PDH.

“Part of being successful in business is having a good relationship with the public. I hope I can contribute to developing better relationships between the community and the hospital,” he said.

Mr Smith said one of his main priorities was to encourage more local people to use their local hospital.

“If we can encourage more locals to use the hospital, the more it will grow and be able to offer the services that we need,” he said.

Andy Govanstone has retired from the board.

The board is chaired by Mike Noske. Other members are Ray Gilby, John Osborne, Anita Rank and Jim Cooper.

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