National Diabetes Week 2016

Photo from left: Gaynor Denboer, Justine Watts, Vicki Barbary
Photo from left: Gaynor Denboer, Vicki Barbary & Fleur Martin
Friday, 8 July 2016
National Diabetes Week 2016 has the slogan `We Are Here To Help You’ and with 7 per cent of people in Glenelg Shire registered with the National Diabetes Service Scheme, significantly more than the 5.3 per cent national average, this help is critically important.

The Portland District Health diabetes team is there to provide the necessary services to help people to manage their condition.

The team includes diabetes educators Vicki Barbary, Gaynor Denboer and Fleur Martin, dietitians Melissa Yip and Justine Watts, podiatrist Nikki Edward, exercise physiologist Amy Goetz and endocrinologist Professor Geoff Nicholson who visits fortnightly from Geelong.

People with diabetes also have access to PDH;s Diabetes Plus initiative, a six-month program of additional support that includes group exercise, continuous glucose monitoring, group education sessions, and bulk billed case conference management with Professor Nicholson.

Ms Barbary said the National Diabetes Week campaign highlighted the importance of having a team of professional to help people.

We can show solutions for how to live well with all types of diabetes. We can work together to ensure diabetes won't stop anybody living a long and healthy life, she said.

The PDH diabetes educators provide a comprehensive support package for people with Type One, Type Two or Gestational Diabetes.

This includes general education and support, maintaining blood glucose levels, insulin management.

PDH dietitians support people with diabetes to ensure they have the most suitable eating patterns to match their diabetes treatment, as well as promoting a healthy lifestyle which include being active and reducing foods that are high in fat and sugar.

One of our important roles is in the prevention of complications as a result of having diabetes, Ms Barbary said.

If people maintain good management principles, they will be able to live comfortably with the condition.

PDH's diabetes team also takes a proactive approach to diabetes prevention and is involved with school and group programs.

People can contact the PDH diabetes team on  or PDH Consulting Suite PH: 55210653

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