My Health Record - Important Way To Share Health Information

Claire Holt-Director Health Informatics
Wednesday, 27 June 2018
My Health Record is an online summary of your health information. You can control what goes into the record, and who is allowed to access it.

The record is an important and convenient way to share health information with doctors, hospitals and other healthcare providers from anywhere, any time.

A My Health Record will be created for every Australian by October 2018, unless they choose not to have one. Portland District Health is hosting two forums at 1.30pm and 7.30pm at Portland Football Netball clubrooms on July 18 to explain options for My Health Record, advanced care planning, organ donation and prescription medicine misuse.

PDH hopes that people will actively participate in their health care planning.

Director of Health Informatics Claire Holt said people would benefit from having a My Health Record and by actively controlling information, including emergency contacts, medication details, advanced care planning and organ donation wishes.

If you have a My health Record that you are actively managing, you can have information about these issues that you can control, Ms Holt said.

Although PDH is joining other health services in encouraging people to activate their My Health Record, there are options for people to opt out.

People will have the option to opt out of My Health Record between July 16 and October 15. By October 15, if you haven't opted out, you record will be automatically generated.

Surveys in other trial areas show only .06 per cent of the population opts out, but Ms Holt said it was important that people understand their options.

If you do nothing it will happen anyway but you should be actively managing it, she added.

The July 18 forums will provide information about options, privacy and security, and how to actively manage your record.

PDH is hosting the forums with support from both local Rotary clubs and United Way Glenelg.

There will also be information on advanced care planning and organ donation options, which can be included in My Health Record.

People can visit for more details.

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