Mike Noske Returns As PDH President

Monday, 9 December 2013
Mike Noske has returned for a third term as president of Portland District Health with plans to continue building a strong patient outcome focussed service.

Mr Noske said PDH was placing more emphasis on customer feedback as it strives to improve patient care and meet local needs.

PDH is also striving to build the involvement of patients and their families in their treatment plans.

The development of PDH's consumer advisory committee is a key plank to the strategy and Mr Noske urged local residents to voice their opinions to the committee or to management.

The efforts of our executive and, in particular board member Anita Rank, in working with the community advisory committee have been important in improving the health service's connection to the community,he said.

The hospital is also continuing to focus on filling workforce gaps.

Workforce planning is a high priority,” Mr Noske said. We would like ongoing discussions with all local GP clinics when vacancies are being filled with the goal of employing doctors with the procedural skills Portland needs to bring back more services to the region, he said.

For example, we are still working towards offering a full birthing program. Having more GPs with obstetrics or anaesthetics qualifications working in local clinics would be a huge step towards making that happen.

Mr Noske said PDH also aimed to continue improving its financial performance.

If we get the workforce and the services right for the community, the financial viability will follow, he added.

Mr Noske said he was pleased to take on a third term as president.

I am happy to be still doing the job. We have made a lot of headway in recent years but it is a work in progress in getting the health service to the point where we are safely delivering the full range of services expected in Portland.

Ray Gilby has been re-elected as senior vice-president and Jim Cooper is the new junior vice president.

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