Mike Noske Retires From PDH Board - Predicts Bright Future

Wednesday, 1 July 2015
After 9 years on the Board of Management, Portland District Health board member and former board chair, has urged medical professionals to take advantage of the south-west’s advanced IT system when making follow-up appointments with patients.

Mr Noske, who retired from the Board of Management yesterday after serving on the board since 2006, said the use of the IT system would redress the social disruption caused for patients who had to travel to Geelong or Melbourne for surgery.

Mr Noske said he decided to put his hand up to be appointed to the board after a series of public meetings about the crisis at PDH.

Mike believes PDH was fast approaching the situation where external factors were no longer in play and that when it got the right mix of services available to the community, the financial side would look after itself.

That's is our greatest achievement, we have been able to turn around the finances and restore public confidence in the facility.

Mr Noske acknowledged it was always going to be difficult to attract medical staff to Portland District Health when competing against other major cities.

Portland District Health would like to thank Mike Noske for his dedication and passion to our communities Health service and wish him the very best in the future.

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