Mavis Back On Her Feet

Friday, 22 July 2016
Mavis Jennings has seen Portland District Health through the eyes of a long-serving staff member and more recently through the eyes of a patient.

And she's very impressed with what she sees.

Mrs Jennings recently spent more than five weeks in PDH as she recovered from a broken leg. Apart from a brief visit for an injured back, it was the first time she'd been a patient in the place where she worked between 1950 and 1989.

Because I was in no pain and because the staff were so wonderful to me, I felt it was a great place to be, Mrs Jennings said.

I couldn't say a bad word against anyone or anything.

Mrs Jennings broke the top of her tibia after falling while helping out at the Uniting Church.

I was reaching for the microwave to heat some soup and fell off a bench and moved my leg to try to avoid the soup. I ended up in the soup in more ways than one, she joked.

The pain wasn't immediate but within half an hour it started to hurt.

Mrs Jennings visited her doctor and she was sent to the Warrnambool Base Hospital where a cat scan confirmed the break.

Mrs Jennings had the option of surgery or being patient for six weeks with her leg in a brace and her foot off the floor. She chose the latter, on the proviso she could return to Portland District Health to recover and undergo rehabilitation.

Apart from getting to crochet 50 neck scarves, the normally active 87-year-old took part in regular exercises to get back on her feet.

Now I have a stick and I’m up and about again, she said.

Returning to the hospital was like a blast from the past when Mrs Jennings worked as a division one nurse, was in charge of the Henry Mailing Centre and helped to educate a new generation of nurses.

The meals were fantastic and the staff were brilliant,” she said. Nothing was too much trouble; if I wanted a cup of tea in the middle of the night it wasn't a problem.

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