Maintaining a Skilled Maternity Workforce

Monday, 30 December 2013
Maintaining a skilled maternity workforce is a high priority for Portland District Health.

As PDH works on recruitment to reintroduce a full maternity service to the region, the hospitals midwives continue to develop their skills.

Three midwives from PDH recently completed a neonatal resuscitation two-day workshop at the Royal Childrens Hospital in Melbourne. The training was conducted by Neonatal Emergency Transport Team (NETS) and included practical and theoretical training hands on scenario practice, and review of neonatal resuscitation best practice standards and guidelines.

Scenario training concentrated on knowing the environment, anticipation and planning for a crisis, leadership in a crisis, using good communication skills, and effective use of resources and information.

Following completion of the training, midwives Lauren Newman, Lynne Peters and Linda Bowman have a new set of skills to bring the training back to PDH.

This will include facilitating simulation hands on practice training with nursing, medical and midwifery staff, assessment of staff aligned to competency standards and providing regular practice sessions scheduled on the in house education calendar each month.

Midwife and PDH Education Manager Lauren Newman said the training was part of the hospitals commitment to rolling out practices based on the best available evidence and research.

We have been able to implement changes that will improve our services in the long run, Ms Newman said.

PDH continues to provide a limited birthing service and full ante natal care. First

There have been 11 births in recent months at PDHs Maternity Services

The service works in conjunction with local general practitioners, obstetricians and consultant obstetricians to provide low-risk maternity care to women throughout the birthing continuum.

The Midwifery Group Practice offers antenatal care for all women; the appointments are at Specialist Centre on Monday mornings.

Women having their second and subsequent babies and assessed as being low risk have the option to birth in Portland.

Planned caesarean section births at Portland may be arranged after consultation with obstetric team, saving the women and their families having to travel.

Women who are assessed as higher risk are referred to South West Healthcare for consultation and birthing. Pregnancy care for these women may be provided by Portland Midwifery Group Practice or their GP in collaboration with South West Health Care Obstetric Team.

Women may choose to have midwifery led care where they see the midwives at the Specialist Clinic with some key visits for review by local GP or obstetricians.

Women are also able to share care with their GP and the PDH Midwifery Group Practice or with obstetricians from Warrnambool, Hamilton or Mt Gambier.

All women no matter where they birth are able to see the Portland midwives for support in pregnancy and for domiciliary support.

Antenatal education classes are offered every second month for all women wishing to attend.

The midwives like to meet with women early in their pregnancy.   Meeting the midwives at Portland is important as many women present to Emergency Department during their pregnancy and find it reassuring if they have met the midwives. It also helps the midwives to know the women and have information in place when they are called in to care for them.

Antenatal education classes are offered and postnatal care and domiciliary support is offered to all women no matter where they birth.


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