Local Surgeon Enjoys Busy Times

Wednesday, 25 January 2017
Portland District Health remains the first choice option for people needing a variety of general surgical procedures.

PDH's general surgeon Mr Turab Pishori arrived in late 2015. His work ranges from endoscopic procedures such as gastroscopy and colonoscopies for screening for bowel cancer to laparoscopic keyhole approach for bowel surgery, gallstones and hernias. These procedures are routinely performed with excellent results, including a life-saving, high-risk emergency case. Patients don't have to wait for long and remain near home without needing to travel to larger hospitals.

At PDH he also offers emergency cover and is able to respond to dislocations, deep trauma wounds and other similar incidents.

I am on call for surgery and we can help people at the Urgent Care Centre usually without having to refer them to other hospitals, Mr Pishori said.

Abdominal and bowel surgery is my specialty and I would like to offer my service to the community over a wider range of these procedures.

Supplemented by a roster of visiting specialists, PDH has many surgical options and local residents are reminded `it's ok to ask' your doctor for a referral.

Patients are happy they don't have to travel long distances and be on long wait lists. The latest equipment and facilities and expertise is available in Portland. Moreover the incredibly beautiful view of the ocean from the wards and soothing effect of the waves is unmatched.

The local facilities have exceeded his expectations. The facilities, equipment and documentation are at par with any major centre and the staff are very cooperative and experienced.

However, people are travelling out of town for surgery that could be performed locally.

I feel we are still a bit under-utilised, Mr Pishori said. There is capacity for more local people to have their surgery undertaken in Portland.

PDH also has outpatient rooms with facilities for minor surgical procedures such as biopsies and excising lumps and skin cancer and treating hemorrhoids.

People can walk in and have a minor procedure completed the same day without having to wait for long or go to theatre.

Appointments can be made at PDH Consulting Suite PH:5522 1410 with a referral from your doctor.

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