A new LIFE! program to commence November 1st
Tuesday, 11 October 2016
UPDATE: If you or someone who you care about would like to get healthier by eating better and being more active but don’t want to start before Christmas … Good news! The Life! Diabetes, Heart Disease and Stroke prevention program is now due to start in early February 2017. To learn more and to book a free Life! Introduction session with Rosemary please call PDH Intake /Primary Care on 0355210333

The new Life! program is due to start at Portland District Health on November 1 and local facilitator Rosemary Cole said it could be a life-saver for people at risk of chronic disease with previous programs had being hugely beneficial.

Life! is particularly helpful for people who had diabetes when they were pregnant, or are 45 or older and concerned about weight, blood sugar or cholesterol.

 “The Life! Program can help you to learn how to feel better and lower your risk for developing type 2 diabetes, heart disease and stroke,” she said.

Participants in the 2015 Life! Group detailed how it had helped them, with encouragement from fellow group members and learning about the value of good eating and exercise habits high on their agenda. 

“Having the importance of healthy eating and exercise explained and being helped to formulate a future plan for healthier living were really useful parts of the Life! Program,” said one participant. “It is helpful to have other people who are aiming for the same goals as you it helps motivate and encourage you to exercise and change your eating habits,” added another.

Mrs Cole said Life! groups are interesting and enjoyable and consist of  four fortnightly group sessions across two months and a review session six months later. The sessions are free for most people and offer the skills, support and expert advice needed to make lifestyle choices to prevent the onset of type 2 diabetes, heart disease and stroke. Partners are also welcome to attend.

Mrs Cole added that the Life! course is not a lecture. “The trained Life! facilitator, dietitian and exercise physiologist who deliver the course give you individual attention, help you to set personal goals  and learn about you and your lifestyle,” she said. “Changing your lifestyle isn't easy, especially on your own,” she said. “The Life! program gives you the motivation and support needed to make and maintain positive changes to adopt healthy behaviours and a more active lifestyle. This approach has been shown to be more effective than taking medication and has a long-term positive effect on your health.”

People can get involved by visiting www.lifeprogram and if you score 12 or more on the AUSDRISK test/or you meet the other eligibility criteria  for Life! call Portland District Health Intake on 55 210653 or Call 13 7475 or phone your Local Life! Facilitator 5522 1175  Mondays/Tuesdays for more information.

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