Job well done by all at PDH

Wednesday, 23 January 2013
PDH is proud to add to our website the following letter published in the Portland Observer on Wednesday 23 January.

Job well done by all at PDH

Last year my fiancée and I had our first child together. During the pregnancy we were offered varying advice on where to have our baby; what options other than Portland District Health (PDH) were around; and how all elsewhere, rather than Portland, would be better both mum and bub.

Well, after a few visits things were getting towards the business end of things. Getting to know our obstetrician Dr Ghazala and the midwifery team, we both believed that having our child in our town was no more of a concern than having it anywhere.

As the day drew closer, we wondered was everything going to be fine. Would it proceed along perfectly as they seem to on our new favourite show, One Born Every Minute?

However, as everyone knows, not everything in life always goes to plan and so it was for us, an emergency caesarean was needed on the day which, I must admit, was a very scary thought for me as a new dad.

I need not have worried. Not only were the theatre staff, nurses and midwives on the day all very supportive and thoughtful, they were also very professional and did an amazing job. With the Sister Act of Dr Ghazala and Dr Fariha our little boy was delivered and his mum taken care of in what really seemed like no time at all.

A job well done by all.

In particular, we have a very special thanks to two lovely ladies, Lynne and Chris. You are awesome at your job and so very kind and understanding. I know that at times we could not have done without you both.

You both will be very special to us, always.

So, I guess what we are trying to say to the Portland public is that we are very proud of our hospital and what can be achieved at it and the competence of its employees.

Local people can be looked after perfectly, LOCALLY.

Thanks again to everyone involved on the day and the days after.

We have no hesitation in recommending to anyone expecting to have your baby at PDH.

Jason Marshall and Sharlene Walsh, Portland

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