Jan On Road to Recovery Following Hip Replacement

Wednesday, 11 November 2015
Jan Meade has been battling escalating pain over recent years as she deals with osteoporosis.

The pain was so bad I couldn’t put up with it any longer, Mrs Meade, 68, from Narrawong, said.

Now, after a hip replacement operation at Portland District Health on September 24, she is well on the road to recovery.

I'm free from all pain and on no pain medication, Mrs Meade said. I'm off the crutches and on to a stick and walking better all the time.

Jan was impressed with everything at PDH, from the admission process, the operation and her recovery, discharge and follow-up care.

The surgery was completed by visiting Adelaide-based orthopaedic surgeon Mr Jason Ward and went without a hitch.

They used a spinal block to anaesthetise me and I woke up in recovery already feeling good,” Mrs Meade said. I didn't even fall asleep again.

Her post-operation recovery care was equally impressive.

I spent a week in hospital but everything was very easy and comfortable,she said. The nurses were great as were all the staff who took care of the room.

Mrs Meade was also impressed by the taste and quality of the meals.

I couldn't fault anything about the care, she said.

Mrs Meade supports PDH's `It's OK To Ask’ campaign and encourages other Portland district people to make PDH their first choice for surgical procedures.

I was happy to have it done locally. It was quicker and more convenient, she said. We need our hospital and should support it.

Since being discharged, Mrs Meade has consulted senior physiotherapist Roscoe Hine for her recovery program.

I've just had a really good report. I'm doing the exercises myself and coming along better than expected,she said.

It wasn't Mrs Meades first stay at PDH. She gave birth to her three children in Portland and has had three other procedures at PDH but this latest visit has easily matched the quality of care in previous years. Everything is fabulous the hospital…but I don't want any more operations, she joked.

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