Irregular Heartbeat Easily Overcome At PDH For John Beauglehole

Photo: John Beauglehole
Thursday, 8 September 2016
Mr Beauglehole, 77, recently received a cardioversion at PDH to overcome an irregular heartbeat.

Things are back on track for Portland's John Beauglehole after he became one of the first local people to undergo a new procedure available at Portland District Health.

It's basically a heart starter, he said. They give you a little shock to give the heart a jolt to get it back in the right rhythm.

It might sound a little scary, but Mr Beauglehole wants to assure everyone that it was simple with no side effects.

He discovered the irregular heart beat while having his cataracts removed.

They took my pulse and it was everywhere except in the right place, he said.

He'd had a similar test just a month earlier but in a short time the irregularity had emerged.

It wasn't affecting my life; I was still walking and digging the garden, but they said I needed to get this done.

Mr Beauglehole said he made an easy and quick recovery.

They gave me a preparatory needle and I don't remember any more than that, he said.

The procedure was done at 7.30am and Mr Beauglehole was back in recovery by 9.30am and was discharged later that morning.

I wasn't allowed to drive a car or do anything heavy for the day. I felt no different but they said the irregularity problem was gone, so that's the important thing.

Mr Beauglehole will return after five weeks for another review to check his heart has remained in normal rhythm.

The procedure was carried out at PDH by Mr Naveen Sharma, consultant cardiologist.

Mr Beauglehole has nothing but praise for the support he received on the day.

The staff were wonderful, from pre-admission to theatre and then in recovery,he said. We're lucky we have such a great hospital in Portland.

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