Ian Takes Surgery In His Stride

Thursday, 2 March 2017
After three orthopaedic surgeries in the past year, Ian Benbow is well placed to assess the service provided by Portland District Health.

And he's happy to report that “it couldn’t be better.

Mr Benbow's run of operations to battle a long-term osteoarthritis problem started in January last year with a hip replacement and was followed by knee replacements in June and January this year.

I'm not game to go to the airport because I'd probably set off the alarms, Mr Benbow joked.

It seems like a gruelling time for the 75-year-old former CEO of the Heywood Shire Council, but he is literally taking it in his stride.

I prepared pretty well by exercising a lot, doing exactly what the doctors told me to do and always trying to eat the right things, he said.

After the surgeries, Mr Benbow has undertaken rehabilitation through Active Health Portland and in each case was quickly back on his feet.

I'm 75 and not doing too bad, he said. I always played sport and once I retired I tried to keep myself reasonably fit.

Mr Benbow's GP referred him to visiting Adelaide specialist surgeons who make regular trips to Portland, Professor Jegan Krishnan and Mr Mario Penta.

I can't speak highly enough of them, he said. They are very skilled surgeons and the whole clinic and hospital staff is excellent and the after-care is just as impressive.

I think we're very lucky to have such a great facility in our town.

Just four weeks after his latest operation, Mr Benbow is continuing his rehab program but is already walking without the aid of a stick and getting around quite easily.

I couldn't be better, he said. I was out of hospital after seven days and once I got home the recovery has been unbelievable. The same happened after the other operations as well.

Mr Benbow supports PDH's `It's OK to Ask' campaign to encourage people to ask for referrals to their local health service.

I strongly recommend that any member of the local community who needs to use a hospital use these facilities because of the excellent, professional service they provide.

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