Huge Donation Buys Latest Technology Ultrasound Machine

From Left: Julie Noonan (Snr Sonographer, Elizabeth Flanagan, Helen Roberts and Robin Parry (Chief Radiographer) - Photo kindly supplied by Portland Observer
Tuesday, 23 February 2016
A new ultrasound machine at Portland District Health marks the culmination of a major upgrade that has made the PDH medical imaging department one of the best in regional Victoria.

The new equipment has been purchased thanks to a generous bequest from the Andrew Jack Trust.

The Trust's donations to the PDH imaging department have amounted to $765,000, with the new ultrasound machine costing $132,000.

Chief Radiographer Robin Parry said the Trust's generosity had provided new and improved services to district residents.

We now have cutting-edge technology second to none in country Victoria,Ms Parry said. We're really lucky to be able to offer these services in Portland. We can give people across the Western District access to a broader range of imaging procedures closer to home.

Mr Jack was a long-time Portland district farmer who established a trust to direct his estate to worthwhile projects in health, education, agricultural education and to support Rotary programs.

The upgrade at PDH has also included a new Dental Cone Beam CT machine that can perform specialist 3D imaging, a new bone mineral density scanner, a general X-Ray and fluoroscopy machine, mobile image intensifier, Ultrasound and CT hardware and software upgrades including the purchase of a CT work station.

Ms Parry said the ultrasound machine was the final major purchase from the Trust’s bequest.

The addition of this new and upgraded equipment puts PDH at the forefront of medical imaging services in regional Victoria, she said.

The Trust’s generosity has left a legacy that Portland people and those in the wider Western District community can appreciate for years to come.

Senior sonographer Julie Noonan said the new ultrasound machine achieved better definition of superficial and deeper structures.

It's top of the line. It has outstanding image resolution and is excellent for detecting subtle lesions, Ms Noonan said.

It's very easy to use for both staff and patients and is producing great results.

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