Hospital Market - Friday 25 November @ 5pm

Tuesday, 22 November 2016
Portland District Health’s annual community market is a great way for the health service and the community to work together to improve local services.

It's also a great place to find tasty food, a few bargains and be entertained by everything from people in sumo suits to various competitions.

This year the market on Friday November 25 will feature up to 40 stalls in on the Ploughed Field area of Bentinck Street opposite PDH.

It is hoped the market will raise plenty of funds to contribute to new equipment and facilities within PDH.

Each PDH department will be involved in fund-raising activities on the day.

One of the special treats on offer will be PDH pasties.

Market organiser and PDH community engagement officer, Carolyn Malseed, said all 170 pasties baked last year were sold.

They were very popular,” Ms Malseed said. They were based on an old recipe and hadn't been around for many years. People loved them and were looking for more.;

This year there will be more pasties to cope with the expected demand.

The market starts at 5pm and will also feature books, plants pre-loved accessories and bling such as hats, jewellery and handbags, a barbecue, pancakes, curries, produce and health food options.

There will also be music and kids’ entertainment.

One of the highlights will be a sumo wrestling challenge with the community to get the chance to `wrestle’ with sumo-suit clad PDH staff.

Ms Malseed said the market was an opportunity for the community and PDH to come together to raise money for local needs.

PDH is an important part of the community and the market is another way we can work together to improve our health care, she said.

Anyone wanting to be involved in the market can contact Ms Malseed on 5522 1182.

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