Hospital job is a breath of fresh air.

PDH new Service Development Manager, Grant Muddle
Tuesday, 14 February 2012
Grant Muddle’s appointment as Portland District Health’s (PDH) Service Development Manager has been like a breath of fresh air for his family.

After working for the past six years in India and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Mr Muddle and his family are happy to be enjoying Australia’s natural environment.

The return to Australia was prompted last year by his six-year-old daughter Jordanna.

“We came back to Australia for a holiday and for the birth of our son (Alexey) and my daughter asked me ‘daddy what’s that smell’?”

“I said it’s called fresh air” and it was then that we decided to come back.

“We had left Australia when Jordanna was four months old and she had never experienced living in her native country” Mr Muddle said.

Grant and his wife Anna and their two children have since been enjoying an idyllic lifestyle on Kangaroo Island where Jordanna is having fun swimming and using a boogie board and learning to ride a bike.

“The opportunities for an outside lifestyle were not there for us in the past.

Mr Muddle’s family will soon join him in Portland where he has started a two year contract in a role designed to ensure resources are used at optimum levels and the health needs of the local community are being met.

The position was created after the Minister for Health David Davis released the Paxton Partner’s review of governance, management and financial systems at PDH in June 2011.

One of the priority recommendations arising from the report was that PDH appoint an interim senior executive with dual reporting responsibilities to the CE and the Board of Management.

The Health Department has funder the position which Mr Muddle said would look at ways to add value to services offered by PDH.

“I will look at what services are wanted and needed in the community and then try to deliver them where appropriate and within budget” he said.

“It’s about forward planning of services and making programs a reality which is something I find very challenging and enjoyable.”

The role will involve a community consultation program to gauge local needs.

It will also focus on liaison with other regional health services to avoid duplication and pursue resource sharing costs.

Mr Muddle holds business qualifications in accounting and law and a MBA specialising in strategic management.

He has extensive health experience and his most recent appointment was as Chief Operations Officer for Global Medical Solutions in the UAE.  He has also worked in India and Bangladesh.

STORY BY Portland Observer 

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