Helipad Pavers - Become part of local history

Carolyn Malseed, Community Engagement & Fundraising Coordinator and Cindy Huppatz, Executive Assistant
Friday, 17 April 2015
As the Blue Ribbon Foundation Helipad moves closer to reality, Portland people can contribute to the project and become part of local history.

Portland District Health has launched a new campaign to give local people, families and businesses the chance to have their name engraved on a paver to become part of a permanent public display near the hospital and helipad.

There was a strong response to the initial call for paver supporters and PDH hopes the community will continue to support the ongoing campaign.

CEO Chris Giles said past and present clients, patients and supporters of PDH, local businesses, companies and families could write their names into history by sponsoring a paver.

The pavers will be placed prominently near the helipad fronting Bentinck Street.

Ms Giles said the new display would complement existing plaques and pavers in the area that have historic links to Portland.

This is an opportunity for anyone connected with Portland or PDH to put their name into local history. It could be a resident of Sea View House, someone who was born here, someone who wants to say thank you for the care received at PDH or just someone who wants to support an important community health initiative, she said.

All businesses that have supported the helipad project will be recognised with personalised pavers.

The pavers can be engraved with names or logos.

PDH Community engagement and fundraising coordinator Carolyn Malseed said the pavers for Portland District Health will make a fantastic display near the helipad and will continue to grow over time.

The first lot of pavers will be installed over the next few months, but we are keeping the pavers campaign open to give all local people and businesses the opportunity to support this important project.

The Blue Ribbon Foundation committed $100,000 towards the helipad, and a further $50,000 is needed from the community.

People wanting to know more about the paver campaign can contact Ms Malseed on 5522 1182.

Forms for purchasing a paver can be found on the website www.swarh2.com.au/pdh or by contacting PDH reception.

An opening date for the new Blue Ribbon Foundation Helipad has not been confirmed. 

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