Helipad Is Now Fully Operational

Emergency Helicopter landing on PDH Helipad
Friday, 15 April 2016
PDH Helipad is now fully operational, more than three months after its official opening in December 2015.

The delay was due to finalisation of the procedure manual and radio frequencies which have all now been approved.

Now that the Helipad is fully function and ready to use, we want the community to be aware it can be utilised when needed.

The traffic management plan will be enacted as the emergency helicopter crosses Bentinck Street, activating the traffic lights.

If the lights are flashing, cars must stop and giveway to the helicopter.

The helipad was erected as a permanent police memorial in memory of Senior Constable Mark Bateman who died with his partner Senior Constable Fiona Robinson on 20 May 2000 when their van was involved in crash while answering a priority one call at Northcote.

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