Healthy Together Victoria’s Workplace Achievement Program

Health Promotion Team: Gerry Leonard (Mental Health Nurse/Drug & Alcohol Counsellor), Rosemary Cole (Community Health Nurse), Lindy Stuchbery and Phoebe Nagorcka-Smith (Health Promotion Officers) and Graeme Learmont (Exercise Physiologist)
Wednesday, 7 May 2014
Portland District Health has registered with Healthy Together Victoria’s Workplace Achievement Program, to create an environment for its staff that encourages and supports health and wellbeing. As the largest local healthcare provider, PDH aims to lead by example when working with the Portland community to tackle health issues such as obesity, alcohol consumption, healthy eating and physical activity.

PDH's Health Promotion Team worked with staff recently to find out how they were eating and drinking, as well as how PDH could better support them to make healthy choices at work.

Twenty-five percent of employees (111 people), from 16 out of 18 work areas, took part in a staff survey, to provide a great snapshot of the workplace.

The results highlighted several areas that PDH is now working on including a healthy catering policy, healthy options highlighted on kitchen and kiosk menus, information about healthy food and drinks being available in staff areas and staff who work irregular hours having access to healthy meals.

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