Healthy food program to expand

Thursday, 28 March 2013
Healthy eating food preparation sessions held by Portland District Health (PDH) will expand to include several support groups in the next few months.

It follows six clients from PDH’s cardiac rehabilitation group taking part in the first meal preparation session last Friday at the Active Health Portland rehabilitation gym and kitchen.

PDH early intervention team leader Jacki Barnett said it was hoped the sessions would lead to positive lifestyle change.

Although the first program is solely for members of the cardiac rehabilitation group, further programs are planned for the pulmonary rehabilitation group, the Landing On Your Feet group, the Boost group and others.

PDH dietician Christine Young said Friday’s session put into practice what the clients had learned in two earlier theory sessions.

“The main messages are about the need to reduce saturated fats to reduce cholesterol, to increase fibre and lower sugar intake,” he said.

STORY BY Portland Observer

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