Harbourside Lodge Needing Volunteer Helpers

Thursday, 5 November 2015
Harbourside Lodge's 29 residents need volunteer helpers so they can take part in more activities.

The residential aged care facility currently has only four volunteers who visit on a regular basis, meaning residents might miss on doing some of their preferred activities.

Activities coordinator Karli Cain said volunteers played an important role in making the lives of residents happier and more fulfilling.

"Volunteers can help with everything from just sitting and having a chat with residents or taking them for day trips, walks or out for a coffee," Ms Cain said.

"They can also help by running small group activities, such as balloon tennis which our residents find very enjoyable," she added.

Other activities can include bible group, beauty therapy, craft, hand massages, and helping out on special days and barbecues.

"A lot of our residents appreciate seeing a different face; someone they can have some one-on-one time with every morning," Ms Cain said.

"Others would like to get out more but don't have that opportunity at the moment. They still like to be part of the community."

Ms Cain said the residents appreciated any group or individual activities and developed friendships with visitors.

"They really appreciate the stimulation of meeting new people" she said.

Ms Cain said volunteering was suitable for anyone. "We can tailor a program to suit the needs of a volunteer," she said. "For an older person it might be a daily visit to have a chat with a resident while a younger person might like to take a resident for a walk."

Harbourside Lodge recently confirmed its reputation for providing quality care by achieving a 100 per cent pass mark in its latest accreditation review. It achieved all 44 outcomes across the four standards in the accreditation process with no formal recommendations for improvements.

People interested in helping the Harbourside Lodge residents can contact Portland District Health on 5521 0333 or Harbourside lodge on 5521 0300. 

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