Hand Made Comforts Help Cancer Patients

Brooke Kelly - PDH Cancer Support Nurse
Wednesday, 29 June 2016
The PDH cancer support program has all the information, contacts and referrals that people need during their journey with the disease.

And the program can also offer some hand-made comforts to help out.

The program now has hand-knitted hats, scarves and beanies that people with cancer can obtain thanks to the generous good work of the Portland CWA Wattle Tree Creek group members.

Cancer support nurse Brooke Kelly said the CWA team had recently donated a collection of brightly coloured headwear and scarves.

They are wonderful items in different styles, designs and colours and that will be really useful for individual’s going through cancer, Mrs Kelly said.

The CWA members get together once a month to knit the items and they are planning to continue to make donations to our program, we are very fortunate to benefit from their generosity.

The items are available for a low cost donation which will be used to help the CWA women to buy more wool.

We probably have 40 or more available at PDH at present. Mrs Kelly said.

The CWA team has recently donated 20 new caps that people with cancer will be able to wear to bed.

Mrs Kelly said the support of the CWA knitters was greatly appreciated.

Their generosity is another example of our great community in action, she said.

Mrs Kelly is available each Thursday to ensure everything goes smoothly well for those undergoing chemotherapy and is available each Thursday and Friday for private appointments.

She also facilitates with the cancer support group which meets every second Friday of the month at Active Health Portland.

In addition to the knitted items, the cancer support centre has a variety of brochures and information that ensure all that people have access to any type of support they need.

It's all about providing education and facilitating support avenues for people with cancer and their carers. She said.

Ms Kelly is organising another Look Good, Feel Better program on October 26.

If anyone is interested in donating supplies or wanting to join the group please call Michelle Punton on PH: 5521 0339

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