Hand Hygiene Important At PDH

Photo from Left: Loren Drought-Quality Manager & Michelle Punton-Infection Control
Thursday, 28 April 2016
When we are fit and healthy we can usually defend ourselves against many germs. Often our natural defences are weakened when we are not well, or after an operation.

This means it's extremely important that each time you visit someone in Portland District Health; you clean your hands even if your hands look clean.

This is especially true if you are visiting a patient with an area of broken skin such as a wound or a device like a catheter or IV line. Portland District Health encourages you and your family to have clean hands before and after you attend to any aspect of a patient’s care.

PDH Quality Manager and Infection Control Department coordinator Loren Drought and infection control nurse Michelle Punton say hand hygiene is the single most important factor in reducing hospital acquired infections and the spread of infection.

Our hands may look clean but many germs are not visible to our eyes and we can unknowing transmit germs on our hand to others and the healthcare environment, Ms Drought said.

It is important to preform hand hygiene as you enter and leave PDH.

Bottles of alcohol hand rub are located in all patient care areas and in high traffic areas at the entrance and exits of PDH.

PDH is asking the community to assist with continuing to achieve excellent infection control outcomes.

The hospital continues to report extremely low rates of hospital acquired infections.

PDH also boasts consistently above-average hand hygiene rates and achieved a compliance level of 97 per cent, the best in the state, for the previous reporting period

You can play a major role in stopping the spread of infections to your family and friends, Ms Drought added.

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