Giving birth close to Home

Julian, Janelle and Elkie Gollasch
Wednesday, 3 July 2013
A lot has changed since Janelle Gollasch last had a baby…and all for the better.

In the two decades between the birth of Jackson 21, and Whitney, 20, and the arrival of Elkie Mae on April 13 this year, the whole attitude towards the birthing process has changed.

“Mothers now have a lot more say in the birth and how they want it to happen,” Janelle said. “We wanted a natural birth with no pain relief and everyone at PDH went out of their way to accommodate our needs.”

Janelle and her husband Julian have nothing but praise for the staff and facilities at PDH where Elkie was born.

The birth had its complications but everything went smoothly and without stress.

“My waters broke at 5am but the cord was around the baby’s neck and so I didn’t progress as quickly as expected. I was induced at 5pm and then it took another nine hours after that,” Janelle said.

"When you aren't relying on pain relief to help you through the birth event, the people around you become even more important. Julian was an incredible support and the midwives were marvellous. Dr Ghazala (Irshad) was very professional."

"I was given massages while beautiful music was played and great encouragement was offered by everyone throughout the entire experience."

Janelle and Julian were keen to have their baby close to home and recommend other Portland district parents consider using PDH if possible.

“We were relieved when we found out we could have our baby in Portland,” Janelle admitted. “It was nice to be in the hospital where I was born and where I had my other children.”

Janelle and Julian said staff celebrated the birth with them. “Everyone came in congratulating us which was really nice.”

“It was a very peaceful birth. Even though I’m 42 and this birth was longer than my two previous births, I never felt like there were any risks. It was a very calm, supportive environment throughout the whole delivery time,” she added.

In fact, Janelle says she found the whole birth process and hospital stay better than two decades  ago. “Everything was very professional and sensitive. It felt like a team effort and my body recovered quicker than when I was younger.”

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