Foot Health Month - October

Wednesday, 7 October 2015
Just think for a minute how tired your feet would be if you walked around the world.

Now imagine what it would be like if you made that journey three and a half times!

That's what the average person will do by age 70 and Portland District Health senior podiatrist Nikki Edwards says that naturally means most people will develop some form of foot problems.

Foot Health Month in October is highlighting how people can look after and love your feet.

Ms Edwards said that with early detection and regular foot care, problems can be prevented.

If you have diabetes you are potentially at a greater risk of foot problems, but it is possible to have healthy feet with diabetes, she said. It is all up to you.

People see a podiatrist for many reasons, including corns and callouses, ingrown toe nails, heel spurs, plantar warts, tinea or fungal infections of the skin and nails, thickened nails and problems with footwear.

Ms Edwards said there were ways for people to keep their feet healthy.

Every day you should be looking at your feet, making sure there is nothing new that wasn't there the day before, she said.

If wounds are present, dress them with an antiseptic and plaster, and look for signs of infection.

Nails should be cut to the natural curve not down the sides. Make sure you have a good pair of clippers, as nails get tough with age, Ms Edwards said.

For Hard skin, files are best. Never use scissors, or blades, Ms Edwards said.

When choosing socks or stockings, look for natural fibres. The average foot sweats 500mls a day and natural fibres will draw the moisture away from your feet and aid in prevention of tinea

Ill-fitting shoes are one of the biggest contributing factors to a range of foot problems. When choosing footwear, look for shoes made of materials which breathe, such as leather, and have them professionally fitted in a shoe store.

Podiatrists provide people with appropriate foot care, education, management, prevention and treatment, which is essential for people with diabetes. The podiatry department at Portland District Health is available to people with diabetes, for further information drop into the Health Services Centre, Bentinck Street, or call 55210653.

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