Federal Government Budget Cuts

Thursday, 11 July 2013
Portland District Health is taking a proactive response to Federal Government budget cuts and aims to increase revenue to counteract the loss of funding.

Victoria’s Health Minister, David Davis said the Federal Government had confirmed $368 million in cuts for Victoria’s hospitals over the next three years.

Mr Davis said the share of the lost funding to be incurred by Portland District Health (PDH) is $234,000 over the next year, and $864,000 over three years.

In response, PDH CEO Chris Giles said the health service was aware of the impending cuts and had set its budget accordingly.

But Ms Giles said PDH aimed to increase revenue to counter the cuts, rather than reduce services.

“We hope to reach our financial targets by doing more work and encouraging more local people to have their elective surgery done here rather than going out of town,” she said.

Ms Giles said the cuts would make it harder to deliver the services required by the local community but with support from local residents it could be achieved.

“We have recruited well in recent months and already offer a broad range of specialist services and surgical procedures in a safe environment. We are looking to further increase our range of elective surgery so we can meet our targets and retain revenue under the WIES (Weighted Inlier Equivalent Separation) system.

“Our excellent track record with surgery should give people confidence that they are making the right choice to have their procedures performed in Portland,” Ms Giles added.

“By doing this we hope to offset the government funding cuts.”

STORY BY Rick Bain

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