Exercise Right Week - Motivation To Move

Photo: Kelly Edwards & Harry Beresford
Thursday, 17 May 2018
Portland District Health is throwing its support behind Exercise Right Week as part of its ongoing commitment to SEAChange and contributing to a healthier local community.

PDH is encouraging people to move more and find out what motivates them as this year Exercise Right Week on May 21-27 follows the theme `Motivation to Move’.

During the week PDH hopes people will find out more about how they exercise physiology services can help with their health concern and to visit their local health centres to speak about their option.

This year Exercise Right Week will be held May 21-27 and follows the theme `Motivation to Move'.

PDH hopes to inspire those who don’t regularly exercise to move more and make small lifestyle changes to incorporate activity into their lives.

As part of the week, PDH is offering free come-and-try sessions with local exercise professionals, including PDH exercise physiologists Georgia Fry and Harry Beresford and other PDH health professionals.

During the week regular classes at Active Health Portland will be relocated to new venues in the community and the PDH health promotion team is encouraging regular participants to join in.

Health promotion team leader Kelly Edwards said the week was a perfect opportunity for people to start making positive changes to their lives.

We're taking the regular Active Health programs into the community to hopefully motivate people to continue exercising after their group sessions, Ms Edwards said.

The concept of Exercise right Week is to encourage people in the community to get involved and get active, she added. Becoming more physically active could be life-changing for some people.

PDH and Active Health host several different group programs that support people back to good health. PDH is also spreading inspirational messages to staff during the week about the benefits of movement, including ways they can increase exercise within the workplace.

People interested in learning more about the classes or PDH's exercise physiology services can contact the PAD consulting suites on 55 221410.

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