Excellent Emergency Department Care

Tuesday, 6 August 2013
It seemed simple enough at the time…jump off the back of a trailer in the backyard and move to a new spot to collect wood after trimming tree tops.

But what Portland resident Mike Seitz didn’t realise was there was a small branch hidden in the grass.

 Mr Seitz landed on the branch, causing him to fall and tear ligaments in his ankle.

 The father of four was able to scramble home where his wife Sandy called the ambulance to rush him to Portland District Health’s emergency department.

 And that’s where the experience takes a turn for the better.

 Still recovering after the Easter Sunday accident, Mr Seitz says the service he received from the ambulance drivers and staff at Portland District Health was second to none.

 “It has been a good experience all up,” he said. “The ambulance drivers were brilliant as was everyone at PDH.”

 His injured ankle had “swollen up like a grapefruit” but Mr Seitz was impressed with the care and attention he received.

 “It was busy at the time but I went in straight away and they were able to get an X-ray done in about half an hour,” he said. “They did a lot of tests but it was difficult because of the swelling.”

 His injured ankle was immobilised and he was given the good news that his ankle wasn’t broken, although the recovery from torn ligaments has been just as arduous.

 After being given pain relief, Mr Seitz was able to leave on crutches.

 “We never had to wait for anything,” Mr Seitz said. “I was kept comfortable the whole time and never forgotten. The best thing was how they talked us through it all to make sure we knew what was happening.”

 Recovery since the fall has been a slow and difficult process but Mr Seitz remains impressed by his care at the PDH emergency department.

 The incident highlights the importance of calling an ambulance in times of emergency and the value of having an ambulance membership.

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