Diabetes Diagnosis Prompted Weight Loss Through Assistance of Dietitian

Thursday, 20 March 2014
When asked about how he lost 50kg, Portland's Brian Lineker tells people he went to McDonalds.

However, the weight loss didn't have anything to do with eating Big Macs; it was the walk from his shop to and past the Maccas restaurant that helped him turn the corner.

Taking better care of his diet and cutting out carbohydrates was another important element of his weight loss, and another influencing factor was the support from Portland District Health's dietitian and diabetes team.

About five years ago Mr Lineker was averaging a night in hospital every couple of weeks, however doctors struggled to find the cause of his regular illnesses.

"They wanted to operate to try to find out what was wrong but they said I needed to lose weight first," he admitted.

His weight had ballooned to 135kg and was having a major negative influence on his health.

He was told to lose 10kg...he lost 50.

"I have diabetes and they wanted me to go on insulin but I know there's no going back from that so I decided to do something about it," Mr Lineker said.

The key to his success was wanting to make the lifestyle change. The PDH dietitian didn't force him into an unsustainable diet and instead discussed with him the options he could make to achieve sustained weight loss.

The consultative approach was a resounding success. "We worked out a diet that I could live with forever," Mr Lineker said.

"You've got to want to do it yourself," he added. “The dietitian was terrific but she can't force you to help yourself you've got to go there yourself.

Mr Lineker started walking during his lunch break. It wasn't easy but he stuck at it.

"At the start I couldn't walk up the Julia Street hill,he admitted.

However, he was soon able to make it to McDonalds and beyond. Now, approaching age 70, he has completed three marathons and continues to run about 60km each week.

The Portland retailer, who will soon retire, takes his blood sugar levels and weighs himself every day and has maintained a healthy 83-85kg over recent years.

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