Continuous Glucose Monitoring System - Now Available at PDH

Friday, 13 February 2015
PDH Diabetes service has commenced CGMS with the Dexcom G4 Platinum system.
  • CGMS is a sensor and monitor that collects glucose information on average every 5 minutes for  7 days.
  • is equivalent to 288 tests per day.
  • data is downloaded from the monitor to a computer. 
  • CGM data can assist diabetes medication management, diabetes education and be a motivational tool.
  • Does not replace standard blood glucose monitoring. Finger prick blood glucose levels are required to calibrate CGM receiver ( minimum of 2 finger prick test per day) and to make management adjustments such as insulin doses.

How to arrange appointments?

  • GP  referral to PDH physician – assess patient and triage.
  • Physician refers patient to Pre-admissions- CGMS is commenced as a ‘Day Stay ‘procedure (Mondays 10 am-12 pm).
  • Diabetes educator and dietitian consults.
  • Pre-admissions advises patient of procedure schedule.
  • CGMS is commenced and managed by diabetes educator ( CGMS insertion and commencement, download and management of data, client education and support and removal of CGMS).
  • Interpretation of data and diabetes management by Physician.

Cost: no cost to client

For further information contact Diabetes educator- Vicki Barbary, ph 55210653, email :

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