Consumer Connections

Friday, 25 October 2013
Portland District Health is an important part of the community and places great emphasis on engaging with local people.

As a major local entity, PDH wants the local community involved in what is happening at the hospital and wants to be more closely involved in community functions.

In recent years the health service has been proactive in seeking the meaningful involvement of consumers, carers and community members in decision making about health policy and planning, care and treatment, and the wellbeing of themselves and the community.

The development of a Consumer Advisory Committee has been a central plank of this policy.

The committee has met regularly during 2013 and acts an advisory committee to the Board of Management. It provides a central focus for all strategies relating to consumer involvement across PDH.

The committee’s responsibilities include identifying and advising the Board on priority areas and issues requiring consumer participation, participating in relevant organisational opportunities and facilitating two way communication between consumers, carers and community groups.

The committee is made up of a broad representation of individuals and groups from the community.

It has successfully advocated for PDH to open some of its internal training programs to the community resulting in several health promotion educational opportunities for local residents.

PDH has also appointed a community engagement as part of its campaign to be well connected with local residents.

Carolyn Malseed has taken on the role which includes fund-raising, involvement in community and organisation events, liaising with local service clubs and community groups, and coordinating hospital activities involving the public.

PDH is a strong part of the community and wants to remain well connected and responsive to the community’s needs.

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