Consumer Advisory Committee Represents Community

Friday, 28 April 2017
From ages 23 to 80, Portland District Health’s Consumer Advisory Committee covers the views of a myriad of people to ensure the health service continues to improve.

During its five years of operation, the committee has had a positive impact on the health service and influenced many outcomes to improve service for consumers.

It has been active on car parking, signage and health literature issues, among others, and always aims to make the health service management aware of matters of concern to the community.

The committee consists of volunteer representative Ellie Lane, patient representative Julie Rogers, Ken Osborne representing RSL and Legacy, Judy Compt representing ex-service people and older residents, Kimberly Carr representing young people, Father Greg Tait representing Ministers of Portland, Hayley Dunning representing youth through Glenelg Shire, Tiana Richardson representing maternity service users, board members Anita Rank and Ann Miller, PDH community liaison officer Carolyn Malseed, Health Information Manager Claire Holt, and Quality Officer Annette Hinchcliffe.

PDH aims to have representation from a broad cross section of the community on the committee.

The committee looks at service delivery issues that affect consumers and visitors.

Ms Rogers says it has had a significant impact. She came to the committee after lodging a complaint about PDH, but now her opinion has totally changed.

The hospital is 1000 times better, she said. I've been to many hospitals and this is the best. There have been a lot of little improvements but they all add up to a better place.

The members are happy to hear concerns from the community and use the committee to get action taken.

We want to make sure RSL members and the wider community have access to the right treatment, Mr Osborne, 80 said. Ms Compt joined to represent the rights of older people.

The youngest member, Ms Carr, 23, actually joined when her grandmother went to Harborside Lodge, but is now happy to bring a youthful perspective on needs.

Ms Richardson joined the committee because she wants a good hospital for her family and the wider community.

Anyone interested in becoming a member of the committee can contact Annette Hinchcliffe at PDH on 55 210333.

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