Community Health Services Relocate To PDH

Thursday, 7 November 2013
The Portland and District Community Health Centre in Otway Street will close at Christmas but all services will continue from the main hospital precinct in Bentinck Street.

Portland District Health has decided not to renew its lease on the Otway Street building from December 21 but has assured local residents that existing services will continue uninterrupted.

Communication with staff, volunteers and community members is being undertaken to ensure a smooth transition.

The programs will now be based at the PDH specialist centre, Henry Maling Wing and Active Health Portland.

Director of Primary and Community Health Fiona Heenan said the move would improve integration of services and add to PDH's status as a one-stop shop for health services.

Counselling, cancer support, health promotion, Lymphoedema services, community health nursing, youth worker, needle exchange, and volunteer coordination have been based at the community health centre, along with the Cancer Resource Centre.

All services will resume at new locations on January 6 after the annual Christmas break.

Ms Heenan said all existing staff and services were moving and being consolidated around PDH and Active Health Portland.

There will be advantages for clients as they will no longer have to go to different locations to access services, she said.

It will consolidate services on one site and help us to develop a one-stop shop for health.

Ms Heenan added that closing the Otway Street service would result in considerable financial benefits for PDH which has been renting the building.

The health centre was in an older building and we have capacity on-site to house all the services so it was a logical move that should benefit clients and the health service, she said.

No services will be lost and it will be business as usual but at a new centralised location.

The Otway Street building has been home to the health centre since 1991. It operated as a separate entity before merging with PDH in 2003. The building was previously used as a medical clinic.

The community health service previously operated from Clark Street before moving to the Otway Street site.

Details of the service relocations will be posted at the Otway Street building before the centre closes on December 21. Clients can also contact Fiona Heenan, Director of Primary & Community Health on PH:5521 0313 to clarify new locations.

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