Community Gets Behind Helipad

Tuesday, 27 January 2015
The Portland District Health helipad is almost 65% complete with materials and services to date being donated.

Project manager Peter Carr from G.R. Carr Pty Ltd and his band of volunteers have completed the actual helipad structure but there is still more associated work to be done.

The flight approach and take off area at the Ploughed Field is part of CASA (Civial Aviation Safety Authority) requirements which still has to be installed, this includes concrete strips with lighting to guide the helicopter pilots along with floodlights to be installed at PDH.

There is also a tree to be removed and the whale pot to be relocated.

The major costs is expected to come from the traffic management of the lights to be installed in Bentinck Street.

The Victorian Blue Ribbon Foundation have funds of $100,000 set aside for the Helipad project which have not been drawn on yet.

PDH are very grateful to the local people and companies who have donated and provided in-kind work.

They include:

G.R. Carr Pty Ltd, Mibus Bros, Bluescope Steel, Robert Eather, ATS, Exile, Hanson, KJ Vic, Brent Jennings and Roger Whyte.

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