Christmas Advice From PDH

Wednesday, 21 December 2016
For most people, Christmas is a time to enjoy family and festivities but for others it can be a difficult period.

Significant dates, such as anniversaries or Christmas, can be hard for people who are lonely, depressed or missing a recently lost loved one.

The Portland District Health counselling team is available for people who need some support during the tough times in their lives, and recognises that having a conversation can be the start of making a positive change.

Psychologist Michelle Lesek promotes the connection between a person’s physical health and their mental health.

I believe following a healthy, balanced diet, exercising regularly and having a positive attitude to life can improve a person’s overall physical and mental wellbeing, she said.

Carers also need to give themselves some respite and take a little time out to enjoy Christmas. Finding time to do an activity you enjoy or get some physical exercise will be a big relief.

Christmas can also be a time when people overindulge, with food or alcohol.

PDH's dietitian Melissa Yip says it is important to remember Christmas Day is just a day, not a week or a month.

People have a lot of food and drink for Christmas and then keep that going over the next week, Ms Yip said. It's Christmas Day, not Christmas Week.

People tend to like big meals on Christmas Day and Ms Yip suggested filling plates with healthy options. You don't have to totally eliminate treats but try to focus on healthy eating wherever possible.

Ms Yip urged people to think of healthier options for Christmas presents than chocolates and biscuits.

Alcohol can be a major source of excess calories over summer and also the cause of much social trouble.

The PDH alcohol and other drugs team urges people to avoid excessive drinking over the holiday period.

Some tips include making sure you pour your own drinks and keep an eye on them to avoid spiking, don't consume so much that it affects your behaviour, look out for your mates and never drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

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