Changes For Community Transport

Friday, 30 January 2015
Portland District Health’s community transport service is undergoing some changes but clients will still have access to the same service.

The service has a new home and a new phone number but PDH coordinator of volunteers, Trish Rawlings said the service was relocating from Active Health Portland to the Portland District Health Specialist Centre.

Mrs Rawlings will run the service from her office in the centre and volunteers will collect and return keys to the centre’s main office.

It will still be in the PDH precinct but with a slightly different pick up location for volunteers, she said.

Volunteers have been notified of the changes.

The community transport service car is used to take people to medical and other important appointments.

The service will remain unchanged,Mrs Rawlings said. It is a well-used service that provides an important link for many people in our community.

People wanting to know more about the service or volunteering can contact Mrs Rawlings on PH: 55 22 1402.

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