Cash backs education of staff at Harbourside

Friday, 22 June 2012
Portland District Health’s aged care staff will keep up to date with the latest development thanks to a $40,000 grant from the Department of Health and Aging.

As part of the grant, Myfanwy Maddox takes on the role of education resource nurse at PDH’s Harbourside Lodge.

The role involves developing and maintaining a 12 month plan of lessons, sessions and carers learning and engaged.

Caring for the elderly is all about giving them the support they deserve, according to Ms Maddox.

Ms Maddox has been with Harbourside Lodge for the past 15 years of her 26 year nursing career and continues to dedicate her working life to caring for elderly people.

“I like the teamwork here and I have always enjoyed working with older people” she said.

“It is different to others styles of nursing such as in A & E or on the Acute wards.  The people here don’t go home so we need to make sure they have a good quality of life and get the care they deserve”

Ms Maddox has always worked at PDH and shifted to Harbourside as a Division two medication-enabled nurse.

The decision by PDH to appoint an aged care education resource nurse reflects the different   support and training required to work in a high level aged care facility.

“A lot of the education and training does cross over and so we are involved with the general PDH education unit, but there are also things specific to aged care that we need to address: Ms Maddox said.

The new role involves providing specialist education services to aged care sector nurses and ensuring accreditation standards are being met.

“There is a different accreditation process for aged care and it’s important we adhere to those requirements” Ms Maddox said.

Mostly importantly, staff aim to continue providing high-level care for the 30 residents of Harbourside Lodge.

The education program will also be tailored to the needs of caregivers.

“We will develop a 12 month planner and consult everybody about the types of training they would like” Ms Maddox said.

Ms Maddox is not only organising education for others, she is nearing completing of her division one nursing qualifications through the University of South Australia.

STORY BY Portland Observer

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