Carolyn Millard - New Health Independence Program Manager

Photo: Carolyn Millard
Tuesday, 10 January 2017
Carolyn Millard understands why people want to live in their homes for as long as possible, even when facing chronic medical conditions.

As Portland District Health's new Health Independence Programs manager, Ms Millard is front and centre of the campaign to keep people living comfortably and safely at home.

The role covers a wide variety of programs run by PDH that are designed to help people to remain in the community. These include post-acute care, the Hospital Admission Risk Program (HARP), specialist nursing care, the diabetes program, and various rehabilitation programs.

These are programs designed to keep people at home and out of hospital, Ms Millard said.

They help people to manage their chronic conditions and reduce the risk of readmission to hospital.

The programs give people with chronic conditions and their family members the skills they need to manage their health and to know what to do in cases of emergency.

Making links for people and ensuring different services are easy to navigate are also important facets of the programs.

PDH can also help people to prepare written advanced health care plans.

Ms Millard has moved to the role with extensive experience in the health field, although this is her first position with PDH. She has a background in acute care work and community-based care and most recently worked as a hands-on nurse in the emergency department at Western District Health Service.

She says it's the experienced team at PDH that has made it easy to move into her new role.

It's nice to take on a new challenge but the team here has made it easy for me, she said.

We have a very experienced team and all the right structures in place. I've been very lucky to come in to the role with such good support.

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