Blue Ribbon Foundation Helipad Project Closer To Completion

Wednesday, 8 April 2015
Portland’s new helipad is moving closer to reality with several important advances on the project.

The finishing touches are now being added to the Blue Ribbon Foundation Helipad. In the past week the bitumen surrounding the helipad was laid and some pine trees cross the road were removed for a clear flight path.

Removing the trees, moving the power lines underground and installing traffic lights were needed to make sure the helipad is safe.

The flight path for helicopters to land on the new helipad, close to our Emergency department, means

The helicopter will hover over the Ploughed Field and then move across the road at a low height to the landing site close to the emergency department.

Portland District Health CEO Chris Giles said traffic management work and a completion of the Ploughed Field upgrades were needed before the helipad could be used.

“The Ploughed Field works are well on the way with the brick block and location triangle installed,” Ms Giles said.

The major project to finish is installation of navigation lights which are being imported from the United Kingdom. The cabling is laid ready for their arrival and they will be wired to a PAL system sourced free of charge from Melbourne and being freighted to PDH next week.

Relocation of the whale pot is nearing completing with the Lions Club undertaking this work.

An opening date has not been confirmed.

Ms Giles said there had been terrific community support to get to this stage.

“We look forward to being able to offer quicker and smooth access to helicopter transport for those in our community who need it most in an emergency,” she said.

The Blue Ribbon Foundation committed $100,000 towards the helipad, and a further $50,000 is needed from the community. 

The emergency helicopter completes about three transfers per month.

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