Bert Wilmot Travelling Scholarships Awarded

Una Cancian, Mrs Pat Wilmot and Donna Kilgour
Monday, 8 December 2014
Mr Bert Wilmot served on the Hospital Board and its sub committees for 31 energetic years, between1964-1995. He held senior offices from 1980-1986.

Bert was chairman of the joint committee of management which oversaw the hospital's 1988 redevelopment program.

Bert was a supporter and nurturer of the auxiliaries and played a leading role in the activities leading up to the 1988 redevelopment, including street marches, public meetings and deputations to the Minister.

In recognition of his outstanding contribution to the hospital, the Board of Management established an annual scholarship named in his honour.

This year Portland District Health has awarded two successful recipients,

Una Cancian

Una commenced with PDH on 8 September 1987 as a Registered Nurse in the general ward of the old hospital. She arrived just in time to benefit from the hospital redevelopment which Bert worked so hard to make a reality.

Since her arrival at Portland District Health Una has worked in many different areas including Acute Medical/Surgical, District Nursing, Asthma Education and her current roles in the Health Independence Programs or HIP team.

As a member of the Health Independence Team, Una has 2 roles which include Post Acute Care and Pulmonary Rehabilitation Coordinator. These roles allow Una to have interventions with clients across the continuum of care. This helps to facilitate Portland District Health's no wrong door policy ensuring our clients receive appropriate health care, at the right time and in the right place.

The Scholarship will allow Una to attend a 'Respiratory Course' at the the Alfred Hospital next year in order to increase her skills and knowledge in the area of respiratory care and holistic management of the person with respiratory illness.

Donna Kilgour

Donna commenced with PDH on 17 February 2004 as an Enrolled Nurse. Donna has worked in all areas of the Hospital and continues to slot seamlessly into various departments as required.

These days Donna spends her time between the acute ward and the Health Independence Team (HIP). Like Una this aids Donna to assist our clients across the continuum of care.

Donna's role for the past 4 years in the HIP team has been as a post acute care clinician. This year Donna rose to the challenge of relieving for one of our Hospital Admission Risk program (HARP) clinicians, a role which she fulfilled very competently.

The scholarship will allow Donna to attend the 'Integrated Disease Management for Patients with Chronic Heart Failure' course to enhance her assessment skills and will provide valuable information and benefits relating to multidisciplinary teams

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