Appreciating Quality Care

Friday, 5 February 2016
David Plumbe fears that without intervention he could have lost part of his left leg.

As it is, he's now happy he was coerced into going to the Portland District Health urgent care centre for help.

If I'd waited another two or three days I might have lost my leg, Mr Plumbe said.

Mr Plumbe had earlier believed he had pulled a calf muscle but the staff at the Portland District Health correctly recognised that he was suffering from a severe case of cellulitis, a bacterial infection of the skin.

Symptoms of cellulitis include redness of the skin, swelling, pain and heat in the affected area and leaking of yellow clear fluid.

Mr Plumbe was first admitted to hospital on January 3 and stayed until January 18. He was re-admitted later in the month after the infection flared up again. He is now using different oral medication and seems to have the problem under control.

Mr Plumbe said it was the first time he had encountered cellulitis

I had a pain in the back of my calf, a temperature of 39.8 and felt terrible, he said.

His wife Shirley recognised that that he was struggling and urged him to go to hospital. She basically forced me to come to the Emergency Department and I'm pleased she did, Mr Plumbe said.

He is now on new anti-inflammatory medication and undergoing regular bandaging. As part of his post-hospital recovery Mr Plumbe is being visited by district nurses and receiving Meals on Wheels.

His two stints in hospital have given Mr Plumbe greater appreciation of the quality of care at Portland District Health.

The nurses have been very nice, he said. They tell me to put my feet up and behave myself, not that I can do much else.

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