Anaesthetist Cover Improves PDH Capacity

Thursday, 26 February 2015
Portland District Health has been buoyed by the return to 24-7 anaesthetist coverage which will improve maternity and surgical options.

Dr Geoff Hool joined PDH late last year and Dr Peter Reid started this week. Along with Dr Scott Dellar who combines GP work with anaesthetics, PDH has now returned to a full complement of the specialists for the first time in several years.

Dr Hool has relocated from Queensland while Dr Reid already lives in Portland and has been previously working in Mount Gambier.

CEO Chris Giles said the recruitment was good news for the Portland region, and would particularly lead to more babies being delivered in Portland.

This puts us back up to 24-7 anaesthetic cover, which is very pleasing, Ms Giles said. There might still be times of annual leave when we can't cover around the clock, but we are now in a much more solid position, she said.

One of our priorities has been to increase our maternity services and this is a major step forward in achieving those goals,Ms Giles said.

Portland's resident general surgeon, Mr Thair Abbas, had earlier indicated he would be leaving but has agreed to continue working in Portland at this stage.

PDH is continuing its long-running campaign to attract more specialists to the region and to investigate sharing options with regional hospitals. It is also joining with other regional hospitals and the Deakin University School of Medicine to investigate opportunities to attract, retain and share more specialists and surgeons as part of a sub-regional medical workforce.

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