AGM - PDH Caps Off Successful Year

Richard Frankland - Guest Speaker
Gaynor Denboer & Robyn Nuske - Oral Syringe Medication Management Quality Award
John Okaroh, Claire Holt & Gaynor Denboer - Electronic Management Records Quality Award
Ros Jones accepted award on behalf of Enviromental Team - 100% Cleaning Audit Achievement Quality Award
Bec Skaer & Lauren Newman - Koori Student Education Day Quality Award
Jeanette Beauglehole - 2014 National Volunteers Award by Dan Tehan
Friday, 13 November 2015
Portland District Health has capped off a successful year of service growth and full accreditation by recording a financial surplus.

Chief Executive Officer Chris Giles told this week’s annual general meeting that PDH was determined to deliver a quality service to Portland and district.

Ms Giles said the accreditation of all services should give the community confidence in PDH.

Accreditation is the community's measure to know that we’re doing it right,she said.

PDH achieved full National Equip Accreditation for four years and during the year Harbourside Lodge, Active Health Portland, HACC Services and Medical Imagining Services also achieved full accreditation.

Ms Giles highlighted the opening of the Chemotherapy Unit, expansion of obstetrics and development of a short stay unit in the Urgent Care Centre as highlights of the year.

The campaign `It's OK to Ask' about your health and about having treatment performed locally at PDH was also highlighted as a major initiative to ensure local people ask to be treated locally rather than be referred out of town.

PDH also celebrated achieving a 100 per cent cleaning audit, and introducing electronic medication management and oral syringe medication management.

The health service also recorded a $1.6million turnaround in its finances compared to 2013-14, posting a surplus from operations of $844,000 compared to an $808,000 loss last year.

However, finance manager Jim Mathewson said a direct comparison of operating results was complicated by a number of factors. These included the need to present the consolidated accounts of Portland District Health and Active Health Portland for the first time in 2014-2015, changes in accounting interpretation of leased assets, different methods of Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) sustainability support, and no revaluation adjustments for Active Health Portland and Sea View House included in operating revenue compared to previous years.

Although not affecting the financial result, the inclusion of a $980,000 loan to fund ongoing operations from the DHHS, plus a similar loan in 2013/14 of $900,000, will impact on future year's results.

There was a slight increase in PDH's liquidity but it still remains below the department's benchmark. Mr Mathewson said this meant PDH and the Department needed to maintain a close watch on the health services finances.

Mr Mathewson said growth at Portland District Health was outstripping inflation.

Since 2010 the health service’s revenue has increased from $30,046,000 to $38,597,000 as services to the community have expanded. Expenditure has increased from $30,299,000 to $37,753,000 during the same period.

We have been able to attract a 29 per cent increase in funding since 2010 which is a significant achievement in growth for the community,” Mr Mathewson said.

He added that PDH needed to maintain its throughput of patients to meet targets and retain variable government funding.

There were 4903 inpatients for the year, about 400 more than each of the previous two years. The total number of births at PDH increased from 29 to 64, the highest number for at least five years.

More information relating to Life Govnernorship Awards, Bert Wilmot Scholarship and Roy Aitken Award to be published as seperate media releases.

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