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Tuesday, 6 August 2013
In a little over a year since it opened, Active Health Portland has consolidated its reputation as a provider of quality care for Portland district residents and as a trainer of a future specialist health workforce.

The staff at Active Health Portland have a combined skills set that responds to the health needs of the local community and are dedicated to training and developing a high calibre medical workforce.

Clinical Director Dr Marg Garde combines practice work with a central role in medical education, something she not only enjoys but sees as important in planning the future health workforce in Portland while giving young people training to become a GP and an opportunity to appreciate a rural lifestyle.

Dr Garde is joined by Dr Judy Carson and GP registrars Drs Malinda Tustian and Joanna Keen who are both undertaking further specialist training.

Dr Tustian plans to specialise in women's and children's health and hopes to remain at Active Health Portland after her 12-month stint as a registrar.

Senior Registrar Dr Keen holds her Diploma of Obstetrics and Gynaecology and is also enjoying the experience of working in a rural environment. She plans to study towards her advanced obstetrics qualifications in the future.

Dr Garde said the training of medical students and doctors in specialist areas was one of the unique aspects of Active Health Portland.

The training program this year included third year students under the Deakin University IMMERSe program who spend 12 months in one location under the supervision of an experienced rural doctor.

Training opportunities will further expand in 2014 with nursing and exercise physiology students to be based at Active Health Portland.

The strong emphasis on training is part of a long-term campaign to inspire medical students and new doctors to develop a passion for rural work. Incorporated in this are doctors who gain experience in general practice while based at South West Healthcare in Warrnambool

At Active Health Portland the doctors work in consultation with a broad range of allied health professionals to take a team approach providing holistic care in managing and preventing chronic diseases.

Dr Tustian said Active Health Portland not only helps people who are unwell but aims to "look after people who are doing well" Dr Tustian said,

 "Part of our charter is to take a preventative approach to help people be well by monitoring their health, screening for potential health problems, and helping them to form and keep healthy habits,” she said.

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