A little surgery before an adventure

Bernard and Glenys Donaldson will head off in their caravan after Mr Donaldson’s double his replacement.
Tuesday, 7 August 2012
Bernard Donaldson is enjoying a second lease of life after having surgery performed at Portland District Health.

A double hip replacement has allowed Mr Donaldson to get back to doing the things he enjoys. At 80, he and his wife Glenys have even purchased a new caravan and plan to head off around Australia for a few months.

The long-time Portland resident had both hips replaced last August at PDH and has since made a full recovery.

Mr Donaldson had suffered from debilitating arthritis for about 10 years, forcing him to use a walking frame and `gopher’ over the four years leading up to his operation.

“I couldn’t get around for a few years but I’m good as gold now,” he said.

“It had been years since I had been able to go into a shop with my wife and about six years since we’ve been able to go on a holiday.”

All that has changed thanks to the surgery performed at PDH by visiting orthopaedic surgeons from Adelaide.

“I don’t need anything to help me get around now. It’s wonderful,” Mr Donaldson said.

He added that the follow-up care had been as good as the care he received during the operation. “I’m happy I had it done locally. Everyone has been wonderful and the staff are very helpful.”

“I have an exercise routine to follow and things are going really well.”

The hip replacements by visiting orthopaedic surgeons Mr Stephen Graves and Mr Jason Ward weren’t the only procedures at PDH for Mr Donaldson in recent years. He also underwent urology surgery with Mr Paul Kearns and general surgery for the removal of a hernia performed by Mr U.K. Naidoo.

 “I guess I have had a bad trot the last few years but I am very happy with the results and the care and service shown by the doctors and nursing staff at PDH,” he said.

While happy Portland residents since 1979, Bernard and Glenys also enjoy getting away on holidays have seen most parts of Australia in their trusty old caravan.

Now with his new hips and new caravan they are planning another holiday, but the destination remains a mystery at this stage.

“It depends on where the good weather is,” Mr Donaldson said.

STORY BY Rick Bain   PICTURE BY Josh Nash, Portland Observer


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