236 Reasons To Celebrate PDH Chemotherapy Day Stay Unit

Dr Ian Collins-Oncologist, Mr Foley & Chris Giles CEO
Andrew Levings-Board Director, Mike Noske-Board Director & Dr Anil Xavier-PDH Physician
Dr Brendan Condon-DMS with PDH doctors
Staff & representative from BSWRICS
Friday, 26 June 2015
Portland District Health has 236 reasons to celebrate the first anniversary of its day stay chemotherapy service.

That's how many rounds of chemotherapy treatments that have been completed in the services first year; far outstripping the contracted 91.

The first anniversary will be marked with a morning tea in the day room at PDH at 10.30am on Thursday, June 25.

PDH CEO Chris Giles said the high number of treatments proved the need for the unit.

Demand for the service has far exceeded our expectations, proving how much it was needed in our community, Ms Giles said.

It has been a terrific addition for local people and saved them a lot of travel and inconvenience during a difficult time in their lives, she said.

Portland District Health Nursing Unit Manager for the Sub Acute Ward, Natalie Herbertson, said patients were appreciative of the local service.

They are extremely grateful for the local service, which makes everything much easier for them, Ms Herbertson said.

In addition to the 236 treatments, we’ve had 17 flushes to provide accesses for medications so patients don't have to keep getting injections, she added. Previously they would have needed to go to Warrnambool for this service.

The oncologists have also reviewed 46 other in-patients who weren't having chemotherapy.

The unit has performed more complex and varied chemotherapy procedures than originally anticipated.

The service was developed as a partnership between Portland District Health, South West Healthcare, Barwon Health Cancer Services, South West Oncology and Barwon South Western Regional Integrated Cancer Services.

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