2013 Bert Wilmot Scholarship

Monday, 2 December 2013
This year’s winner is Laura Green who will be awarded $5000 toward her post-graduate study.

Laura commenced with PDH in 16 May 2011 as a Provisional Psychologist, based at the Community Health Centre in Otway St.

As a member of the PDH Counselling and Support Team, Laura has developed a reputation of being a leader in the field of autism. Laura's work includes working with children, their families; and in particular their siblings - as well as providing support in the school environment.

Whilst employed as a Provisional Psychologist, Laura has adapted her practice with the development of creative learning aids for her clients. These include iphone / ipad apps, videos, blogs and interactive tools.

Laura has also had 2 papers published in professional magazines, as well as presented to other health professionals in the medical and mental health field.

Laura has recently been involved in the Future Leaders Program – providing mentorship to a young person aspiring to study psychology.

Laura is planning to complete her PhD Program at RMIT University, Bundoora to assist her to explore the experience of families and individuals with Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC) and develop an intervention program into the future.

The scholarship was introduced after the lose of one of the hospital's greatest supporters and the Portland community lost one of its favourite sons on 4 August 1999.

Mr Bert Wilmot served on the Hospital Board and its sub committees for 31 energetic years, between1964-1995. He held senior offices from 1980-1986.

Bert was chairman of the joint committee of management which oversaw the hospital's 1988 redevelopment program.

Bert was a supporter and nurturer of the auxiliaries and played a leading role in the activities leading up to the 1988 redevelopment, including street marches, public meetings and deputations to the Minister.

He was well known to hospital staff and the wider community; respected by all for his knowledge, wisdom, fairness and integrity.

In recognition of his outstanding contribution to the hospital, the Board of Management established an annual scholarship named in his honour.

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