Student Information

Our Aims for students are:

• Consolidate beginning practitioner theory and practical components of chosen course.

• Help students to achieve their objectives whilst on placement at PDH.

• Encourage participation in work environment within the students chosen field.

• Be involved in debrief sessions with Facilitator and others to ensure reflection, feedback and learning opportunities.

• Ensure that they are well orientated to the organization and are supported by preceptors/ buddies/facilitators whilst at PDH.

• Confirm understanding of legal issues surrounding employment with in their chosen field and any other allied health components, for example of duty of care, confidentiality and privacy whilst in the organizational environment.

• Be involved in assessments that are needed as part of placement at PDH.

• Have an enjoyable, wide-ranging, positive experience whilst on placement at PDH.


• Short term accommodation is often available through a number of sources. 

1. Greater Health – Greater Green Triangle. Visit: or phone: 

Warrnambool (03) 5563 3315,
Hamilton       (03) 5551 8440
Mt Gambier    (08) 8726 3999


2. PDH Staff –


Beth Rundell   0427 292 303
Sue Skewes    03 55211 580 or 0428 567 065

Jan Whyte      0429 087 046

Leah Tonkin   0438 056 605


3. Portland and Surrounds Accommodation Guide

Dress Code:

• PDH has a uniform policy. Contact PDH for further information.
• PDH requires that staff wear a name tag at all times within the organization.  We do not use lanyards as these pose an infection control risk.


• Rosters are issued prior to or at the beginning of a students’ placement.
• Changes can be made in consultation with the department head and  Facilitator in the Education Office, once placement has commenced
For further details:
Undergraduate/Graduate Coordinator on 03 5521 0627 or
Education Manager on 03 5521 0616

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